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My name is Alida, and I can help book your travel!

I was lucky to travel from a very young age, and I learned early that travel changes you, in the best possible way - makes you a better person.

That was the main reason why I wanted to travel more and had this immense urge to inspire and help others travel too!

My career in the travel industry started over 20 years ago and every single tip I put out on my social media - comes both from personal experience and the feedback of thousands of travelers that worked with me through the years.

When I plan a trip, I am devoted to excellence, planing every single detail - from head to toe. Set up the itinerary, choose the accommodation, drivers, guides, and all other services. This approach taught me all the operational and experiential segments of a tour have to come together in a perfect symbiosis - for the best travel memories, life-changing trips! 

I believe in better ways to travel, at a slower pace, because staying longer means a deeper immersion in the culture of the places you visit and you will have a better chance to have those life-changing experiences.

I also believe going off the beaten path is the key to really getting to know a destination and its people - instead of visiting ONLY the main areas and attractions that are often a bit "damaged" in terms of authenticity just because of tourism.

I share a ton of travel tips through my social media (links below), but also feel free to contact me directly!


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