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Customized itinerary creation + booking SERVICE DESCRIPTION

Thank you for your interest to book with me!

Creating tours and customizing them to the wishes and needs of travelers is what I enjoy doing the most! I consider it my specialty to be able to understand what your wishes, needs, and dreams are and combine them with my expertise to create the most amazing, life-changing travel program for you!

Is this service a good fit for you?

This service is not for everyone, and not for those that seek the cheapest option. Please note if you prefer to stay in apartments (private accommodation/Airbnb) this service is not for you. I only work with hotels that I know and love. With private accommodation, it is nearly impossible to have quality control and to work with, as travel agency. 

If you want a worry-free experience and the best possible value for money for a program with private transfers, an upscale level of tours and experiences, with accommodation at nice 4 and 5-star, locally owned hotels, this service is for you!

Depending on your total budget, the experiences, and tours can be either private or joining small groups. Joining small groups for sightseeing and some experiences can make the whole program substantially more affordable, while still having an upscale service. Absolutely every segment of your tour will be planned, booked, and “glued together” by me, making sure all work, that the timings are the best, the order of visits as well as the balance of activities and free time. 

How does it work?

The whole process begins with the 45-minute meeting when we talk about every aspect of your trip. - which places to visit, which experiences to have, and very importantly - your budget for the trip. This is crucial so that we can determine which level of accommodation we will look for, and for me to be able to tell you exactly which tours and experiences can be included in your program. 

The time we spend together on this meeting is crucial for me to understand exactly what your wishes are, what you love, and what makes you happy, so I can create a travel program that is the best FOR YOU that is within your desired budget.

Clients often ask me what is a good budget, and I want you to know that I can work with different levels of budget!

The prices depend a lot on many factors - time of year, locations visited, length of stay, level of service, and similar... 

VERY generally speaking, depending on the time of year and visited locations, my average client spends between $ 3300 - $ 3800 per person for a 7-day land program, excluding the air transport.

This budget buys you accommodation in beautiful, centrally located 4* hotels, private transfers, some small group sightseeing, and some private tours/experiences.

For a more luxurious service, staying at 5* hotels and enjoying all top-notch private services, such as boat charters, private guides, experiences, and tours, the budget should be approximately between $5000 and  $6000 per person per week. This again depends on the time of year and locations visited. 

Very often my clients request a hybrid program between the 2 described above, which is my pleasure to set up! For a budget somewhere in between, we can combine, and have you stay in some more affordable, 4* hotels for a portion of the trip where it is less important, for example, in Rome or in Florence, when you won't spend much time in the room anyways, but splurge on nice 5* hotels with views and nice amenities, and with private services while you are in areas such as the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como or in the Tuscan countryside.  (Please note these are just examples, I can offer this also in all other destinations/countries). 


  • The above budgets are approximate estimates and should be not taken for granted. Every travel program and every client is different

  • Family trips, with kids younger than 12, normally come out more affordable as the kids will enjoy discounted rates for accommodation and for tours too.

  • Small groups with 4 or more travelers traveling together at all times will also be more affordable on the per-person level because the cost of transfers, guides, and tours is divided among more participants.

Now, to continue describing the process of working with me:

- Following the meeting, I will work on a customized program and will send you a 1st draft of the itinerary for review. This step is used to make sure we are on the same page and to determine the travel schedule.

You will let me know if you’d like to change something, or add something… The process of creating the customized itinerary sometimes requires us to have several versions of the draft itinerary.

Once we are both happy and agree on your itinerary and program, we move forward to the proposal planning stage. In this stage, I work with my suppliers, having in mind everything we previously talked about, and the budget you set for this trip, I will put together the best possible value for money.

The next step is creating the proposal, and depending on the time of travel and length of travel, as well as how complex it is, the proposal creation may take a bit of time on my end. 

As soon as I receive all the information from service providers and accommodations we aim to use for your trip, I will send you a proposal that includes a detailed day-by-day itinerary description, names of chosen accommodations, a list of included features, and all other important things about your program, including the total package price that will be within the set budget.

The package price consists of hotel accommodation, transfers, experiences, and tours. If you accept the proposal, the confirmation of the booking and payments go through me, you can read the full Terms & Conditions for independent travelers. 

Upon the balance payment, I will work with all the suppliers to finalize your travel arrangements and create your travel document. The Travel Document is a PDF with a Technical Itinerary - timings, meeting places (addresses), contacts, and similar.

As soon I receive all that information from the suppliers, I put it together in this document for you to easily follow the steps of the itinerary. You can open it from your phone and have all you need in one place.

I aim to send you the preliminary version approximately 20 days before the trip, and the final version goes out 7-5 days before the trip together with any train or ferry tickets.

In addition to that, I will also send you information on recommended restaurants and things to do/visit during your leisure time on tour.

During your travel, you will have a local emergency contact to assist you in any way it is needed, as well as myself available to you throughout your trip should you need advice or help.

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Advantages of booking with me:

  • Only pay the fee upfront

  • The deposit you put down to confirm is 100% refundable until 90 days before your travel date

  • The final payment is due 45 days prior to your travel date (see the full Terms & Conditions)

  • Local contact is available 24/7 during your travel to help and assist with anything you may need

  • Worry-free in terms of organization – everything is taken care of for you

  • Accommodation in vetted hotels

  • Services such as transfers and sightseeing are provided by top-notch, trusted professionals  

  • If anything goes wrong, for any reason, I am there to fix it for you


Please note I can help you find the best air deals and connections, but I do not sell airline tickets, Te description above is for land arrangements only. 

Please note the $500 fee is for trips up to 15 days, and up to 4 adults traveling together. 

If you're looking to use my services for a small group or a longer program, please reach out to me, and we will figure it out together!

Please also note that in case you change your mind for any reason, or are not able to travel, the $500 fee is non-refundable. This fee includes the time invested to create the program, budgeting it according to your wishes, finding the best match services on the ground, contacting suppliers and accommodations as well as preparing the proposal document.  This process normally takes several days and this is why the fee exists in the first place.

If you have additional questions on how this service works, or you want to see an example proposal please reach out to me through email  :) 

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