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VAGABONDA LLC Terms & Conditions for Customized, Independent Travel Arrangements

1. The $500 initial fee includes the work on the program creation and planning, budgeting, and

  preliminary booking, therefore, is 100% non-refundable in the case of trip cancellation at any 

  stage of the planning process. To work with Vagabonda Travel your travel dates must be at

  least one month (30 days) after the day of the kick-off meeting.


2. Rates quoted in your personalized proposal are subject to change pending your acceptance. 

   No hotels or services have been reserved. The proposal is valid for 7 days and is based on

   listed hotels or similar. These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of every proposal and

   your signature is required as a form of acceptance.

2. A revision of an initial, confirmed proposal is subject to a $100 per person non-refundable               deposit to be credited towards final payment once the booking is confirmed.

3. This proposal is based on exchange rates valid as per the date indicated on the proposal.            Should there be any currency fluctuation, we reserve the right to adjust the rates accordingly.

4. Initial deposit of $500 per person is required within 7 days of the proposal date to secure and

    hold the booking. Please note that a signature of this proposal is required to confirm, as well as

    a clear photocopy of the Passport Information page that also shows the signature.

5. The minimum deposit for all passengers is $500 per person, fully refundable up to 90 days              prior to departure. 89 – 45 days prior to travel date the deposit is no longer refundable but it is      100% possible to cancel and use the deposit as a future travel credit. Final payment is due 45        days prior to the departure date with a 100% penalty if canceled within this timeframe. By                paying the deposit you accept the Terms and Conditions.

6. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Checks should be sent and made out to              Vagabonda LLC. Payments are considered received only during business hours on weekdays.        Any payments received outside of business hours will be considered received on the next              business day.

7. Balance and/or final payment is required 45 days prior to departure. Please provide the final         payment in a timely manner, so your travel documents may be processed and E-documents       emailed to you as soon as possible. 

8. Each passenger must be in possession of a passport, valid for at least 6 months AFTER date of      return.

9. Please note that most airlines do not allow name change. Any change of names will result in
    cancellation of the reservation.

10. Cancellation Penalties:
     45 days or less prior to departure ............. 100%

11. Optional insurance must be purchased within 7 days of deposit to ensure that the pre-existing     condition waiver applies. We therefore recommend that the insurance be purchased while            the deposit is made. Insurance companies that are recommended will be linked in your                proposal.

12. For visa requirements, please consult with the respective Consulate Offices. Visa requirements      are subject to change. For US Passport holders, please check the current requirements for your
    destination(s) at the following link:

13. All passengers are required to follow the country entry regulations and restrictions in place to       ensure for your own safety and the safety of others.

14. Health Disclaimer for travel: Passengers registering for this trip accept the responsibility for            being in good health; able to walk, climb steps, enjoy full sightseeing days and easily transfer        to airplane or car/van as needed. As many of the sites are not accessible to the physically           challenged, those needing wheelchairs, oxygen, or other ambulatory assistance will find the          tour extremely limiting in their experiences. Guests with medical needs of a physical nature            should bring a personal attendant to assist them. Please request the Special Needs form so          we can help assess and assist you with the passenger’s needs.

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